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INVESTIGATION BLOG: Figuring Out Why Key Alves Has Officially Declared Her Love For Fernando de Noronha

I gotta admit, this is why I like the Internet. Every so often you're just sitting around on a Sunday while your kids nap, watching The Open and looking around at people you've blogged about before. Catching up with old pals if you will. So I stumbled across Key Alves, the most popular volleyball player in the world: 

And instead I got to learn about Fernando. I thought it may have been an apparel deal for her. Maybe even a secret boyfriend or something. Nope. She's in love with Fernando de Noronha - an island area in Brazil. Never heard of it before, but now I'm in a Wikipedia rabbit hole about it. Sure, I'll never go there, but now I want to. Can't quite put my finger on the reason why: 

Oh, maybe because it's a World Heritage Site! Yeah, that must be it. Been to a few of those before - Grand Canyon, Independence Hall, Statue of Liberty - all cool. Have to admit that. Maybe I want to go see some dolphins. That's one of the few pros of going to the beach. Nothing like the random dolphin sighting when you're a kid. Seems like a good spot to bring your twin if you have one: 

Anyways, that's today's geography lesson.