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There Are Lunatics And Then There Are These Arsenal Fans Beating The Shit Out Of Each Other During A Preseason Match

Someone wanna tell these guys it's 1) preseason and 2) they are on the same team? I guess this is the only thing to do after Arsenal bottled the title last season. Might as well turn on each other and just brawl at a preseason match in America. What's the point of fighting other fans if you're going to lose? 

Strong work by security here, probably let out a solid 'hey, guys, cut it out.' Way to get into the mix and stop the punches and kicks from happening. That's how you diffuse a situation and take control. If you're going to yell, at least get some dad voice in there. Show some command and let out a loud hey. That draws attention. 

I say it all the time, I just can't imagine getting into a fight at a sporting event. That's even more true when you factor in it's preseason. The games quite literally don't matter! I know that's tough to tell some soccer fans, but I promise. They don't mean shit. Again, these are guys cheering for the same team! How do you get into a fight like this with someone you share a bond with? I gotta know what started it all. Specifically what argument about what player started it all. Only thing that could lead to blows like this. 


There's almost too much going on in this video for it to make sense. You have the two heavyweights going at it, that's clearly the highlight of it. But then there are haymakers in the background. I can't tell who is paired up with who. This is why you fight the other team, so it's clear sides. Just chill out during preseason guys.