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Living An Actual Dream: Brewers Prospect Sal Frelick Just Had One Of The Greatest MLB Debuts In The History Of The Game

John Fisher. Getty Images.

Sal Frelick just had the night of his life. The 5'9" 23 year old (no. 17 ranked prospect in the sport) got the call last night after his game in AAA and had to scramble to get his way to Milwaukee where he'd be making his big league debut. 

Making your MLB debut has to put your brain through a whirlwind of emotions. It'd be understandable to play like a chicken who just got its head cut off and make all sorts of mistakes. I'd probably just throw up the whole day and be unable to play. Well, Sal Frelick messed around Saturday night and might have actually had the greatest first game in the history of baseball. If you were watching a movie following the story of a rookie making his way to the show everyone would roll their eyes if you scripted it like Saturday night in Milwaukee. 

We'll start with his first hit in his first ever at bat. No problemo. 

Family in the stands, minus mom who was home watching the dog, to take it all in. Thankfully she's got a sitter for tomorrow so she'll be in attendance for day two. She's gonna really regret not finding one for tonight though. 

One hit not enough? How's another? 

Two at bats, two knocks. Incredible, but we're nowhere close to done. The 5'9" outfielder decided to showcase his defensive abilities as well. In the 6th inning he robbed Ozuna of an extra base hit with this great play at the wall. Kid looks like he's been up here doing his thing for years. 

Satisfied? Not Sal. Here's the rookie with his best spiderman impression, robbing Arcia of an extra base hit in the SAME INNING as his other catch. 

I mean what's going on here? Who the fuck is this kid? Incredibly enough, we're still not done. 

The Brewers needed a hit in the following half inning to tie the game against Atlanta. Frelick's name of course came up and well, you guess what happened.  

The rest of the Milwaukee lineup couldn't find a way to scratch across a fourth run so they called upon their new star to deliver one more time in the 8th. A little needy if you ask me. 1st and 3rd 1 out, just drive a pitch to the outfield and bring home that runner. Ask and you shall receive. 

Seriously, who is this guy? Two insane catches, three hits, and the winning sac fly. If he wakes up and doesn't have a 1.0 WAR then just throw away the stat for good. 

Milwaukee has been playing some good baseball lately and now gets some added juice with the kid. There's nothing like a rookie coming up and producing like that. The burst of energy that fills the clubhouse after a night like this one can carry you the rest of the way and change the course of your year. Frelick was supposed to be the guy replacing an injured Garrett Mitchell earlier in the year, but tore a ligament in his thumb on the very same night. He had to undergo surgery and rehab which delayed this night from happening, but man was it all worth it. How's an entire stadium chanting your name on your first day up there? Surreal in every way. The name Sal carries a lot of weight in itself. Sal Fasano was a career .221 backup catcher, but I feel like he's fairly known because he's a Sal. Now you give me a super talented player named Sal? That's a trajectory to superstardom. 

And guess what? Now you gotta do it all again tomorrow with mom in the stands. No pressure. 

P.S. It doesn't hold a candle to Frelick, but Forrest Wall making his debut in the 9th inning of this game as a pinch runner and stealing 2nd and 3rd on back to back pitches is fucking sick. Also Forrest Wall is an 80 grade baseball name.