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I Can’t Stop Watching This Absolutely Terrifying Video Of A Shark Swimming In Shallow Water

To quote my friend Paul “Dontnudgemebro” C. any time he saw the rest of us (his friends) screwing around in the ocean “You guys are all laughing and playing … you know there’s sharks in there right?” I guess Paul had to wait a decade for it to pay off but man was he right. 

Absolutely insane video. The people inches from the shark, the shark in ankle to knee deep water, the one idiot who basically is standing right in front of it’s path and moves out at the last second  

Insane. And through all of it … only one panicked “get out” scream. I couldn’t stop watching. It was absolutely insane to see people that close to a man eater and come out unscathed. Thank God everyone is alright. I can’t imagine ever shaking that off. I’m the biggest need to go in the ocean guy there is but man , even I would be shook. 

Ps- This account absolutely cracked me up over 4th of July.