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The Drama Surrounding Draymond Green Continues After Reports Suggest He Also Has Beef With Jonathan Kuminga

San Francisco Chronicle/Hearst Newspapers via Getty Images. Getty Images.

I think it's fair to suggest that when it comes to the Draymond Green/Jordan Poole drama, anyone who pays attention to this stuff in the NBA knew that things wouldn't stop there. Usually when there's drama surrounding a team/players, that's when we as fans start to hear about all of these additional "reports" that extend further than just the original issue. You see it all the time with basically every team in the league. There's blood in the water so to speak. We get reports from anonymous sources from other teams that most likely have zero idea what's actually going on inside a franchise, but that never stops a good quote.

The same is true when it comes to Draymond and the Warriors

Look, I'm not in the Warriors building. I have no relationship with either guy so I can't say that this is 100% true. I just know that right now, the hot thing to do is talk about Draymond beefing with teammates. My gut says that's mostly all this is. A way to add more fuel to the fire of the Draymond drama after everything started to heat up again after his appearance on the Pat Bev podcast. 

I will say this though, if this is true, it's certainly not the best look for the supposed "leader". First, he punches a teammate and ruins the Warriors' season (his words). You'll never convince me there wasn't some sort of jealousy over the money that Poole was about to make and what Draymond wanted to be paid. We saw how he handled that.

Having beef with Kuminga would be a little different because that's not really a money thing as much as it is Kuminga is potentially lining up to take Draymond's job thing. While I am not someone who thinks NBA players have to be best friends in order to be successful or win at a high level, it is a little concerning if the most vocal leader on the Warriors seemingly has an issue with every Warrior not named Steph and Klay. That's not exactly what you're hoping for from your vets, especially with a player like Kuminga who the Warriors are hoping develops into a legit piece for their next era. 

At the end of the day, what type of teammate or leader Draymond is doesn't really matter. You know what matters? Steph Curry. More specifically, a healthy Steph Curry. He's one of the few players that has the ability to trump everything else that is currently going on with a team as long as he's on the floor. It's not like the Warriors haven't shown the ability to win a title despite all the Draymond bullshit. That's Steph. 

I can't lie, given the fact that the Celts own the Warriors 2024 1st round pick (top 4 protected), I'm all for this. Beef with Kuminga, beef with Chris Paul, everyone getting older, the West getting stronger, I can't help but think the value of that pick looks better by the day. The more drama the better as far as I'm concerned.