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Threads Is Cooked: Elon's Twitter Might Have Already Won The Platform War After Daily Users Already Declined 70%

Source: They rushed to sign up, but they’re not hanging around much.

The number of daily active users on Meta’s Threads has plunged about 70% since the purported Twitter killer’s July 7 peak engagement, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday, citing estimates from market tracker Sensor Tower.

The average amount of time that users spend on the Thread apps for both iPhones and Androids also decreased, to 4 minutes from 19 minutes, the report said. The app is not yet available in a desktop version.

The decline includes a drop to an average 5 minutes of user engagement from a peak of 21 minutes on July 5, the day the Instagram-linked microblogging site launched, The Journal reported, citing website traffic analytics firm SimilarWeb.

Daily active users on Twitter remain at about 200 million, and average time spent on the app is at 30 minutes a day, the report said, citing Sensor Tower estimates.

Social media users looking for an alternative to Elon Musk’s Twitter flocked to Threads en masse, sending the new platform to 100 million signups in the first week. The platform’s interface is similar to Twitter but lacks some of the functionality.


What a run Threads had for all of about 5 days there. I've never seen a platform get so many users in the first few days and it looks like that's already over. It's a little disingenuous to give them full credit to the 100 million people that signed up in the first week, since it's pushed by one of the largest media companies in the world. While this is going on, Zuck is trying to dance on Elon's grave while he's just tweeting that they should have a literal dick measuring contest instead. 2023 man. 

Listen, I don't really like Elon's Twitter more than the next guy, but it's never going anywhere and the numbers prove it. People are only spending an average of 4 minutes on Threads? That's enough to read about one tweet on Twitter. Meanwhile, Elon is taking these moments to bask:

Anyone who has used Threads can objectively agree that it sucks. The UI is wonky, it's just a bunch of recycled tweets, apparently you can't even fucking swear, the list goes on and on. Reminds me of that Stephen A tweet:

Back to the drawing board for Zuck.