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'It's All Bullshit' - Austin Reaves Makes It Very Clear That He Is In No Way Dating Taylor Swift


Talk about your all-time come up stories, Austin Reaves is one of them. The dude was a fine player at Wichita State before transferring to Oklahoma and then making his way up with the Lakers. He's now getting paid a ridiculous amount of money, a legit player in the NBA and has viral fake rumors about him dating Taylor Swift: 

Fucking hilarious that the rumor was they went to a bar in Arkansas together. It's so outrageous that even the smartest people paused for a second like well if it's going to happen clearly it'll be at a bar in Arkansas. But I love Austin Reaves and his answers here. Flat out saying it's bullshit and then saying he'd rather not say if he's interested. Can't get shut down if you don't show interest. That's just how you control a story right there. 

Part of me wishes he ran with it. I'm sure he'd feel the wrath of the Swifties, led by Kelly Keegs, but this is the smart PR decision. I'd love if he started hinting at the fake rumor being real. Yeah we met in LA once and kind of hit it off. That's leaving the door open. Keep your name in the news before playing in the World Cup next month. 

This is why I love the Internet though. Sure, there's a lot of WEIRD shit on here: 

But where else could we get a rumor of Austin Reaves dating Taylor Swift? Nowhere. It's so dumb that you have to enjoy it.