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Five (5!!!!) Media Members Picked Vanderbilt To Win The SEC - It's Either An Inside Job By Georgia Or They've Never Watched A Second Of Football

What the hell is going on here? I know preseason polls are pointless and don't mean anything, but what are we doing here? Have these 8 people ever watched a second of college football? We're talking about Vanderbilt here. Their biggest highlight of the last couple years is beating Kentucky once. Still such a low point when that happened. Whatever, we're moving on. This is about Vandy. How does anyone with a brain vote Vandy to win the SEC East? 

Oh God, it's going to be people from Georgia feeding them fake bulletin board material isn't it? 

We don't need to give them any more fake ammo. They are Georgia. They are going for a three-peat. They don't need to see that Vanderbilt got 8 first place votes over them. That's something that would fire any team up. Since 2017, Vandy has finished better than last twice - in 2017 and 2018 when Tennessee finished last and Vandy finished 6th. They've only finished 3rd once. That's it. That's the team we're giving first place votes too? 

I demand to know who the media members are here. I demand answers. No one and I mean no one, including Vanderbilt's team and family members, should pick them to finish first in the SEC East.