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Dudes Rock: This Draft Combine To Determine Fantasy Draft Order Is Pure Electricity

Determining fantasy order can be a daunting task. You can order a Cameo from Frank the Tank, do a case race, keep it simple with true randomization, etc. Friendships and relationships have been lost over this sorta stuff. It's no joke. These fellas did a full draft combine and if you do one thing today, make sure it's watching this until the end to see that dash of speed. Pure breakaway speed. I didn't know Carson Wentz had legs like that. Man turned the jets on it and it was lights out time. Bully heart. Nothing was stopping that man from getting Justin Jefferson or Christian McCaffrey. Only thing that could have made this video better is if buddy just said fuck it and ran straight through the shed with that speed. 

Imagine if that MLB All Star league that Portnoy somehow got his way into did this? Dave's gonna be so far back they might make buddy draft Kyle Pitts with his first pick. I'm just AI, but I would have went #1 overall from around 08-11 before that tragic injury that stopped me from going pro. I'm only a blogger now, but if anyone is drafting order via this method, let me know and I might have to lace them up one more time.