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Wee Man Has Spoken! Rips Disney For Refusing To Cast Little People In 'Snow White' Remake


Source - Wee Man is ripping Disney for swapping out "dwarves" for taller actors in the upcoming live-action version of "Snow White" ... he says it's another existential threat facing his community.

We got the "Jackass" star at The Apple Pan in L.A., and asked about the Disney movie losing the little people in favor actors of average height.

Wee Man says it's a really big mistake for Disney ... he says it's costing little people jobs, and he's equating it to the looming threat of artificial intelligence in Hollywood.

Disney's pivot to non-little people actors isn't scoring points with Wee Man, though he tells us the Mouse House can get back in his good graces with one small fix.

The Video: 

THE TRIBE….has spoken. As far as I'm concerned this is an open and shut case. I defer to two people for all things LP and those two people are Wee Man and Zah. Let's check in and see what Zah had to say, shall we?




And there you have it. It's a sad day, indeed. Disney went woke and now they're going broke. (Not actually but you get what I'm saying.) They chose to take one of their oldest, most iconic, franchises and give it the makeover no one asked for or needed. They replaced Snow White's seven dwarves with seven "magical creatures of all genders and sizes." Yes, that's a real sentence. It's also one of the most confusing sentences I've ever written. Like what are magical creatures of all genders and sizes and is that necessary to the roll? Because in the first movie all seven of the dwarves were diamond miners. They didn't have magical powers, they had personality disorders. Too sleepy, too grumpy, too bashful, too sneezy, and too stupid, 

The whole thing is just so weird. Oh well. I'm too old for Disney movies anyway. That's it for this one. Thanks for reading.