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Does Adult League Floor Hockey Need Enforcers?

Typically when videos like this come across my screen, I always think about how much has to go wrong in one's life to bring them to a point where they are fighting in a men's league hockey game. But more often than not, those are men's league ice hockey games. So at some point or another, you have to imagine that grown as man was a small child who had dreams and aspirations to play in the NHL one day. Then that dream probably shifted to playing college hockey, and then that dream probably shifted to at least making their high school varsity team. Either way, the dreams started high but then fizzled out at rapid speed. 

But if you're playing adult league floor hockey? Not organized ball hockey or anything like that. Just some fellas throwing grabbing the floor hockey sticks from their local high school gym class, throwing on their cleanest beater as a team uniform, and only have about 45 minutes to get their game in before they get kicked out of the gym for U12 basketball practice? Well...I probably didn't have many dreams to begin with. Or maybe this was your dream all along. So with that being the case, these dudes actually rule. 

This is the biggest moment of their athletic careers. These games mean everything to them. And when the tensions get that high, naturally the intensity is going to get ramped up a bit and you have to throw some hands. Heck, I'd be more surprised at any adult league floor hockey games that don't end with a massive brawl and multiple lawsuits as opposed to the games that do. 

Final verdict: Let the boys play.