It Never Gets Old Watching Adam Sandler Transform Into White Chocolate While Playing Pickup Basketball

I know Timothee Chalamet - most notably known for being a popular face mashup on The Dozen - is playing here. That's not the story. I can't keep my eyes off of Adam Sandler and how he quickly transforms into a mix of White Chocolate and The Professor out there. Look at that pass at the :31 second mark. Beautiful. Perfectly executed if you ask me: 

Some may say it's a turnover, I say my man can't make the pass AND catch it. And hey, yeah, his defense has a lot to be desired. But what vet is out here hustling around on defense while playing 3v3? Sandler knows his game. He's a traditional point guard through and through. He wants to get his guys set up and initiate the offense. He's going to do it while wearing his Sunday best: 

The fact he wears a shirt that says 'Let me ask my wife' is perfect. Not only that he owns it but the fact he had it at the top of his drawer to grab and slap on before getting a run in. 

He's even got his own ball, marked like a personalized golf ball. Love this move. This is how you know he's a real hooper


Long live the Sand Man. Dude is just going to keep showing up on random courts and playing pickup ball. It doesn't matter if he's with NBA players or mid-level accountants. It's just what he loves. Never gets old seeing him show up and make plays like this. Girls should be swarming him after the game, not Chalamet.