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On His Way Out The Door Dan Snyder Was Fined $60 Million For Being Found Guilty Of Sexual Harassment And Stealing Money From The Other Owners


Two things:

1) Goodell is such a clown. Releasing the findings of the Mary Jo White report as Snyder sells the team is so cowardly, so pathetic, so perfectly Goodell. Why? Because Goodell knew that Snyder sexually harassed at least one former employee and tried to sweep it under the rug and keep Snyder in the NFL. God knows what else Goodell knows about Snyder, but we know none of it is good. So he slaps Snyder with a $60 million fine on his way out the door, but they'll probably be having dinner tonight. Just two terrible human beings.

2) Hopefully this works as some sort of validation/closure for the people Snyder hurt in real life. Not football fans, but his employees who were literally impacted, some in really fucked up ways, by him. This is proof they weren't crazy, or making things up, Snyder did bad things to unsuspecting, innocent people who tried to hold him accountable. Again, back to Goodell, what a terrible person.


I actually hope this isn't the last we hear about Snyder. I hope more lawsuits are thrown at him. I hope more investigations are opened. Just because he isn't the owner anymore does not mean all of this should go away. Snyder should have to suffer pain for what he did.