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Fuck Dan Snyder FOREVER



Forever. Fuck Dan Snyder FOREVER. For everything he's done to the fanbase, for everything he did to his employees, for everyone he (allegedly) assaulted, for everyone he wronged, he took advantage of, and fucked with, he's gone. He's out. He's finished. 

Now, this isn't to say just because he's done as the owner means everything else is forgotten. This guy was being investigated 9 ways to Sunday for all sorts of allegations including sexual assault/sexual harassment. That should not be forgotten or forgiven. Roger Goodell tried to sweep everything under the rug and keep Snyder as the owner of the team, and that should not be forgotten either. They are both awful people who I hope still pay for their (alleged) crimes.

But as far as on the football field goes, he can't hurt us anymore. He can't ruin this football team anymore. He can't ruin our lives anymore. He's gone. Done. Finished. Fucking finally. It's been a hard 24 years, but the rain has subsided. The clouds are moving out. The sunshine is coming through. Dan Snyder is GONE. 

And once more, just absolutely fuck that guy, man. Just an awful, terrible person, all the way down to his core. A miserable fucking asshole who deserves nothing good to happen to him. Farewell, Dan Snyder. May your yacht catch on fire. Fuck you forever.