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The World Record Bra Remover is Gonna Have Nipples Slippin Out All Over The Joint When He Starts Unleashing The Hounds

Man, this dude should be teaching classes on how to pop off a bra. Graduate level classes even. When I was a young lad, I loved the idea of sexily poppin open a bra causing tits to stream out from their holsters. I fantasized about it nearly every single day. I wanted my chance. I wanted the chance to show that my fingers and eyes could work together to send my loins into a frenzy that ended with me doin a little cum. But alas, I was scared. I was scared to stick my hands back there and make a fool of myself. 

Our guy here took his fears and started training. He put in the hours. He watched the tape. He made his thumbs and index fingers one and now he has the ability to just pop a bra off in an instant. After that, who knows where his fingers are going.

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Now, I don't mean to be ugly but this guy is kinda ugly. He's not exactly a world-beater when it comes to strictly looks. But, that doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because he has that suave mysteriousness about him. He has magic finger and most would be willing to see if he had a magic cock too. 

PS: the video is nine years old but the lessons are timeless. 

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