Is Patrick Mahomes An Asshole For Not Signing An Autograph For A Kid In The Middle Of A Golf Tournament?

Huge L for the dad here. Autograph hawkers are the worst. I'm not sure if this guy is just using his kid to get an autograph which he's gonna go and sell like most of the scumbags do, but what a pro's pro move by Mahomes to just keep it simple and moving. I wouldn't be surprised if you told me this Karen Dad was just Papa Baby Gronk. There should have to be a universal decorum for people asking celebrities for autographs, their time, etc. Thinking your kid is better than all the other ones who want an autograph, for sale or not, is just asinine behavior. Save it for the meet and greets. 

Maybe no worst spot to ask him too. He's watching Steph Curry beat their ass and trying to plan his next shot and this dweeb dad is in his ears telling him "well you could make 1 kid happy instead of zero percent". Only thing that could have made it worse is yelling it at him in the middle of his swing. Half the Internet is talking about how Mahomes is an asshole for not just turning around for this dad of the year, and the other half is saying he's the hero athletes deserve. Can't ever win with them.

I'll make 99 sad is a hilarious response by Mahomes though. Between this and that new Netflix show Quarterback, he's quickly rising up my rankings of NFL QBs. If the NFL wants to decide to suspend him in February for being a horrible human here a week before the inevitable Chiefs - Vikings Super Bowl there wouldn't be any complaints on this end. Skol!