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The Leaks For The Titans Throwback Uniforms Are Here And They Immediately Just Became The Best Looking Jersey In Football

Luv ya blue!!! Look at these leaked beauties! Incredible looking throwbacks that have been leaked and I am praying these are real. More times than not they are so I am fired up about that. Baby blue always plays, it just does. Nuggets, Ole Miss baby blues, Phillies, UNC, it's an awesome color. Throw in that red trim and you are officially looking at the best uniforms in football. And it's not close if you ask me.

Thank god the NFL went away from the one shell rule because Oilers throwbacks are something people have been wanting forever. Looks like their dreams are coming true. And yes, the Titans lost like 59-0 in the snow to the Pats while wearing Oilers throwbacks, but those didn't look this good. These are worth at least a touchdown in each game. And the fact that they will likely wear these vs Houston, chefs kiss. I can't wait to see what the helmet color looks like, what pants they match with them, all I know if they will look so good on Derrick Henry. I also can't wait to see how mad Houston fans get when they see DeAndre Hopkins wearing one of these. 

I'll give a thumbs up to most of the other teams bringing in new uniforms or their throwbacks, everyone but the Colts looks good for the most part. But these absolutely take the cake. What an awesome looking jersey, everything about them is perfect. Great job by the team and I can't wait to see the full on release Sunday night when we get to see it all. I know I said it but these are already the best looking uniform in the sport, can't tell me otherwise.