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Nick Chubb Is Squatting Super Hero Amounts Of Weight Again But This Time He's Doing Reps Like An Absolute Lunatic

I'm not sure any video has instantly made me feel worse about my workouts. I saunter into the gym, get a couple miles of cardio in, half ass some reps on the machines in between checking Twitter, and get the hell out of there so I can enjoy a Fruity Pebbles flavored protein shake. Honestly, the part of my body that gets the best workout is my eyeballs. Specifically my peripheral vision. 

Not to brag but when it comes to sneaking peaks at asses in the gym my eyes are so strong they might as well be Stu Feiner's former trainer and former Mr. America/Mr. Universe Steve Michalik. (RIP)

But that's not how workouts go for one Nicholas Jamal Chubb. No this lunatic decides to squat the approximate weight of a wild grizzly bear when he hits the gym. He is loading up 20+ years of Browns fan's sadness on that Tsunami Bar and squatting it so low he should be wearing apple bottom jeans and the boots with the fur.

The most insane part of the video is the fact he is doing this as reps. We see athletes at all levels post videos of them maxing out with big weight but doing it for reps is a just bananaland. In an era where every IG model chick does squats on her story, Nick Chubb squatting IS the story. And it's his freakshow lower body strength that earned him those monster Madden ratings this week.

Chubb being a 99 in break tackle is the second least surprising thing in Madden this year behind them doing zero improvements to the game. The guy is squatting a vending machine like it's nothing and you expect an opposing defensive back to bring him down in the open field? 

I have to image it feels similar to getting hit by a VW Bug. Only quieter and way more expensive.

Speaking of money, Chubb is one of the only backs in the league worth mega money right now. You know who's not getting forced into a franchise tag by their team? Nick Chubb. Because if the Browns ever tried to do that he would just throw Jimmy Haslam over his shoulders and squat him until a few extra millions fell out of his pockets like a lunchroom bully.

Ohio's Tate begged Nick to stop squatting like this a little over a year ago but he just can't. It's in his DNA. 

If he doesn't squat a small village every week he doesn't feel complete as a man. The same way you and I absolutely have to get all the grocery bags into the house in one trip, that's how Chubb feels about squatting a metric ton. It's how he measures his manhood.

The part of the video I think is lost on everyone, however, is where he doing these squats. He is still training in the weight room he's been in since sixth grade down in Cedartown, GA. That's just Nick Chubb though. No frills, no Lil Baby song over the video, no editor making it look like a Hype Williams production. Just him, enough weight to sink a cruise ship, and bar that bends like it's in a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

I hope Nick Chubb plays in Cleveland forever. Even though I'm pretty sure his opponents don't agree with that sentiment.