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Stolen Valor: Paramount Plus Is Using The SEC On CBS Theme Song To Celebrate Goals During South American Soccer Matches

PAWWWLLLL, what the hell is this? I don't care if Paramount technically owns CBS or whatever. I'm not here for technicalities. I'm here to say that little jingle belongs only to the SEC on CBS. Not the Big 10 on CBS. Not soccer in Brazil. Not anyone else, not another sport, not another channel. I mean it's haunting to here the theme song as we hear GOOOOAAAALLLLLLLL. 

I really expected Gary Danielson to pop up on my screen at some point. Maybe even Uncle Verne, who I'd love to see make a goal call. But this is the problem in sports right now. Roundball Rock is being used for college basketball. SEC on CBS is being used for South American soccer. Is nothing sacred? Do people not respect greatness and history? We talk about movies just recycling the same shit over and over again, we can't find someone to come up with a new theme song? 

Quick Break to rank my 5 favorite, which clearly means they are the best: 

5. National Hockey Night 

4. Masters

3. SEC on CBS

2. CBS College Basketball

1. Roundball Rock

All of college sports is changing these days. We have realignment, we have TV deals, we have NIL and everything else. But it's time to stop the madness. I don't see South American club soccer winning anything Pawl. They ain't play anyone! They don't deserve SEC on CBS. You hear that song, you expect it to be 3:30 on a Saturday and a bunch of sundresses at Alabama. Stolen valor, nightmare, however you want to classify it.