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"My Least Favorite Thing Is The People" -- Former Eagle CJ Gardner-Johnson, Who Clearly Isn't Resentful For Not Resigning With Philly Or Anything

They say that hell hath no fury like a DB scorned. And ain't that the truth. 

CJ Gardner-Johsnon was nothing short of a fan favorite during his time here in Philly. Though it was only one year, the Philly fans immediately latched onto CJGJ. Why is that?

Well because he's obnoxious. He's an all-time shit stirrer who plays the game as hard and fast as he runs his mouth on the field. Philly fans love that shit because we are one and the same. The fact that CJ Gardner-Johnson called Philly fans obnoxious on that stream? Well I see no issue with that whatsoever. It's the fact that he then followed it up by saying "I fucking can't stand those fuckers". 

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I guess if opposites attract, that would mean you fucking despise anything that is the same as you. But still. You're not mad at Eagles fans, brother. You're mad at yourself. And it makes sense. 

The Eagles had a multi-year deal in place for CJ Gardner-Johnson. He decided to tell the team to frig off, test the open market, allow himself and his agent to overvalue said market, and is now playing in Detroit on a one-year deal. He could have been cruising for 3 years, and now he needs to have another monster season on a prove-it deal. What's the easiest way to convince yourself that you made the right choice? Just completely falsify the facts in your own head, create your own narrative that the fans hated you, and that the only good thing about Philly was the weather. 

Sidenote: The weather is fucking terrible here. Freezing cold in the winter, and then muggier than the devil's taint in the summer. So the fact that he said the best thing about Philly is the weather just proves this son of a gun is lying through his teeth about everything. 

Go Birds.