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The Yankees Have Impressively Reached A New Rock Bottom After Getting Swept By The Angels As They Continue To Allow Any Starting Pitcher With a Pulse To Dominate Their Lineup

Sean M. Haffey. Getty Images.

About a month ago, Yankees owner Hal Steinbrenner went on the Michael Kay Show and expressed his confusion of why the fans were upset. His team was in the middle of some serious struggles with Aaron Judge sidelined. Zoom to the present and those struggles have not only continued, they've gotten worse. Here's how the Yankees have faired against dreadful starting pitchers recently. 

If you're a struggling starting pitcher in need of the outing of your life, call the New York Yankees and they'll give it to you. No seriously. Someone named Chase Silseth who hadn't thrown over 3.1 IP in an outing this year went 5.2 IP tonight with 10 strikeouts. It was effortless for him too. Griffon Canning struck out a career high 12 men on Tuesday. Jameson Taillon hadn't gotten one single hitter out this year and nearly turned a complete game shutout against this team. The list goes on and on. Hell, if there's one team that can turn around Alek Manoah's season I'm confident it's the current form of the New York Yankees. 

As the team once again fell behind early tonight a few Yankees players could be seen on the dugout steps having a laugh. Wonderful optics guys. Some joked IKF wasn't laughing here because he was thinking about possibly coming into pitch later. Could you imagine a Jeter team doing this? He'd have them murdered. 

This is what Frank fictionally rants about when the Mets are struggling. Well, here it is in real life. Dead last in the AL East, on the verge of dipping below .500, and struggling beyond belief versus any pitcher who takes the mound against them. Rizzo and Volpe both in miserable slumps at the moment too. Smile boys! 

It's fucking crazy what we're watching. I honestly didn't realize how much Aaron Judge masked last year during his historic run. The best highlights from the week have been Judge running around the bases and taking BP before the game. Once it actually starts there's nothing but sadness. 

So what can be done? Aside from Judge returning and channeling his MVP form I don't know. Even that would only be smoke and mirrors for how bad the team actually is. This team just sucks. Cashman has assembled a high payroll of underperforming bums who have nothing left in the tank. The organization's philopshy on hitting is so far from what they need to do. What trades that you make at the deadline are going to fill all these holes? Like putting bandaid on a dam that's leaking. They're better off selling guys they don't plan on being here in the future and reconfiguring for 2024. This ship is sunk. 

Not being able to hit is one thing, but the constant base running mistakes are insane to watch on a daily basis. Today Franchy Cordero committed a little league error as he tried to advance on a ball hit in front of him. He was easily thrown out. 

First of all it's insane Franchy Cordero was chosen as the left handed power hitter in today's lineup, but that's how bad Anthony Rizzo has been lately. Dude hit 6th tonight! 

Anyways, Franchy was thrown out here by a country mile to zap away all the momentum of his double. After the game Aaron Boone called this an inconsequential out. INCONSEQUENTIAL! It's a player in scoring position running directly into an out and we're saying this is fine? Good stuff. 

Boone actually admitted the team stinks tonight which is progress. He then went on to blame the sun for their poor middle of the game at bats. He reiterated that everything is right in front of them and that they are in the fight. I honestly hear him say this every single night. And of course the inconsequential line that made me wish I was in the OceanGate submarine. 

While Aaron Boone is not the main culprit of their immense struggles, he does not help at all. There isn't one player who has gotten better under his tenure. Any other organization with legitimate goals of winning would leave their manager in Los Angeles tonight before their flight back home. 1-5 out of the break against Colorado (the worst team in the NL) and LA (2-11 in their last 13 entering this series). Hell, the Angels can almost convince themselves they have a shot at the WC and hang onto Ohtani after this series. The Yankees truly are miracle workers for the league's most inept. 

The best part is that this stretch coming out of the All Star Break was supposed to get them going before the hard part. 9 games against COL, LAA, and KC. So far they're 1-5. After this it's the Mets for 2, 3 at Baltimore, 3 at home vs. TB, and 4 at home vs. Houston. I'd say this is rock bottom, but look ahead to that gauntlet. But like Boone said, it's right in front of them. Can't wait to hear that broken record for the next few weeks.