Embrace Debate: Is Proposing To Your Girlfriend At Her College Graduation A Good Idea Or A Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Idea?

Let's go to the replies on Elon's Twitter to see what everyone thinks!



When this girl woke up the morning of her graduation, she thought she would just be getting an expensive piece of paper with her name on it instead of that ALONG WITH an expensive ring, living a moment she has probably been dreaming about for years, and some sass from The PhD Place. Good times!

Now I could join in on the internet pig pile and roast this dude for popping the question because I would guess 99% of you have been motherfucking him since you read the headline. But I will go with the contrarian stance because I love the move for a bunch of reasons.

First off, everyone at that graduation should be thrilled because graduations suuuuuuuuuck. You are there for hours, usually in the heat, just to hear a bunch of people's names get read aloud when you only care about hearing a few or maybe even just one. Having even the smallest distraction, be it a slip up by the super boring speaker or some kid ordering some pizzas into the crowd can make you temporarily stop thinking about how much you hate a loved one for forcing you to sit through this shit. A proposal is one of those crazy life moments that happens in slow motion when you see it going down and creates a buzz for a while once it's over.

Secondly, this guy just saved himself a little bit of cash, which believe it or not is a very important thing when planning a wedding. Being able to piggyback your engagement party with your graduation party that probably has all the important family members at it is the type of big brain moneysaving move that could have you teaching classes at the University of Newcastle Business School in no time.

Finally, leaving college for the real world is truly the great unknown. But I suspect the idiots people that had a boyfriend/girlfriend during the best and most freedom packed times of their lives have an inkling if their significant other is way out of their league. If you feel that's the case, you gotta lock them up before they hit the graduation party scene, meet new people at their first jobs, and evolve from idiot college kids living in a small pond to young adult living in the unforgiving ocean of the real world. 

So shout out to this little Romeo for locking down his Juliet and being an absolute showman about it the entire time.

Blogger's Note: To be clear, I only am giving this guy some love because it appears to be his graduation too. If you propose to someone as a spectator at their graduation, you should be murdered.

Obligatory Lil' Romeo music video that I had to include after finishing the blog talking about a little Romeo that was a showman. I can't believe we actually had a little kid rapper phase back in the day. The 90s and 00s were truly a wild time to be alive.