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AOC and Dan Crenshaw Are Both Hoping To Get Magic Mushrooms Legalized

WASHINGTON — The House is poised to approve mood-altering drugs to treat combat-related brain maladies, capping years of effort by an ex-Navy SEAL from Texas and a New York democratic socialist.

Magic mushrooms make strange bedfellows.

“There’s already some pretty solid studies that show just unbelievable outcomes — massive reduction in PTSD symptoms,” said Houston-area Rep. Dan Crenshaw on Thursday, making a final public plea with his partner on the issue, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The duo has fought to get Congress to direct Pentagon studies of psilocybin to treat traumatic brain injury and PTSD, which have become increasingly common in the military. The proposal is tucked into the $886 billion defense bill the House began debating Thursday.

“The stigma around these substances is very real,” said Ocasio-Cortez. But they hold “enormous therapeutic potential.”

It's strange how long it takes for common sense shit to kick in. Other countries have had this type of research and therapy sessions open and available for quite a while. Australia, for example, has given magic mushroom therapy the thumbs up for their active duty and veterans. From what I've heard, it helps a ton so hopefully our folks get that treatment in short order. 

I dont know for sure if it will work but it's gotta be worth a shot because some studies have shown that psilocybin therapy, when administered in a controlled and supervised setting, might help individuals with PTSD by providing a unique and intense psychological experience. During the session, patients are guided by trained therapists through their psychedelic journey, which may involve revisiting traumatic memories, emotions, and experiences. Kinda like the Nicole Kidman show Nine Perfect Strangers. I'd love to be the person guiding people through their mushroom experience. I bet you could find all kinds of good content through the trauma of others. It would make for one hell of a tiktok account. 


In that show, folks go to the hotel with some big-time baggage. Mushrooms open up their minds and nothing but wild shit happens. I imagine this is what the parking lots of the VA will look like once AOC and Dan Crenshaw usher the bill to the President's desk. 

Who knows if it actually works but I'm certainly willing to give it the ole college try.