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Look No Further For The Most Perfect Example of a Junior Marine Who Could Win Wars By Himself

From top to bottom, this video was perfect and encapsulates everything you'd want from a junior enlisted troop. From the beer chuggin, to the cold weather shaving, to the sledgehammer nearly to the face to the running without a care in the world, this should be the newest Marine Corps recruiting video. 

Fuck the free college. 

Fuck traveling the world.

Fuck the 30 days of paid vacation. 

Fuck the retirement at an early age. 

Fuck the free dental.

Fuck the free health care.

Fuck the appeal of getting PTSD at an early age.

This is what needs to be talked about to get folks to join. If you don't like shit like that, the Marine Corps aint the place for you. 

Let's watch it again.