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Toronto Airport Authority CEO Talks About "Huge Improvements" To Travel Before The Camera Ironically Pans To Massive Delays On The Flight Board


What a clip this is. Whit put it best but what a hilarious pan by some cameraman who called immediate lies on what the CEO of the airport authority was saying and was like "oh yeah? Improvements you say?" Brilliant piece of cinematography there to immediately call her out on her bullshit. Immediate fact check and there's nothing you can do about it. It's like those new Community Notes that live under tweets that are fact checkers, except this was in realtime. Worst part about this whole thing is that the CEO liar liar pants on fire in question gets paid 2 million dollars a year. Someone dub the Curb your Enthusiasm theme song over this.

Air travel only continues to get worse and it's hilarious to hear heads of airport authority be like "actually everything's going grand!" The Toronto airport's official Twitter response was a true downvote moment too:

Tweet through it Toronto! I'll leave you with the absolute classic of a video from a year ago of Whit getting trapped in the airport that has "doubled their performance" since:

The war on travel continues.