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'The Flash' Is Getting ROASTED For How Bad Its CGI Looks



'The Flash' is officially out and available to buy/rent on all digital platforms, just about a month after the movie's release - and as soon as the much-talked-about multiversal cameo scene hit Twitter, it started getting ROASTED all over again. 

Pull up Twitter (or Threads, I guess?) and hit #TheFlash hashtag, and you'll see everything from funny memes/jokes clowning the scene to serious thinkpieces about why everyone involved in its creation should be incarcerated immediately. 

I mean - even that first tweet I linked above, simply stating: "Holy fuck this movie looks like dogshit" has over fifty thousand likes. It's like the internet has collectively come together to Uno reverse-card the "greatest superhero movie ever!" hype that this movie had before its release. People fucking HATE 'The Flash' now!



I'll be honest: I don't hate these cameos like the rest of the internet seems to. 

Don't get me wrong, the CGI sucks, and I understand why the George Reeves one is controversial, but aside from that? I'm fine with 'em. 

I think the Christopher Reeve/Adam West ones were pretty tasteful, despite being labeled as the most disrespectful frames to ever grace the big screen, and the Nicolas Cage one TOTALLY popped me in the theater….

That was the stuff of internet legend for SO LONG! I got the 'Superman Lives' script signed by Kevin Smith back in 2012 (he wrote "To Robbie….Fuck Tim Burton!") and I think getting a major motion picture payoff to the infamous Jon Peters story was fucking amazing!

'The Flash' is FAAAAR from being the "greatest superhero movie of all time" (and isn't even in the Top 25 conversation), but it's just as far from being the "worst superhero movie of all time" in my opinion. It's mostly fine, but has stuff including Michael Keaton's Batman that really elevate it and make it entirely watchable - and fun, even! 


The actual CGI is pretty bad, though. I'll give everybody that. Like, what the fuck is this?

I thought it'd be impossible to make a CGI Superman look as creepy and uncanny as the reshot-mustache-edited-out Superman from 'Justice League', but they did it!