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Search Warrant Executed in Relation to Tupac's Murder

Almost 30 years later, a search warrant has been executed in Las Vegas in regard to the killing of Tupac Shakur. I have no idea besides this press release what's going on in regards to this, but did they end up figuring out it was Suge Knight? Was that who they said killed Tupac? Maybe the warrant guy busted in and just realize that it's a 50-year-old Tupac just chilling in Vegas and enjoying his riches and anonymity. 

You gotta argue that faking your own death and disappearing as a celebrity is probably much better than remaining in the spotlight when you are as famous as Tupac. 

The crazy conspiracy about him being in Cuba is kinda believable due to his aunt also being in Cuba as a political activist in exile. It's wild to think about but we may end up figuring out what exactly happened that fateful night in Las Vegas.