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The Airline Industry Bans Smart Teenager Because Of Their Shitty Layovers

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SOURCE - A North Carolina teen who tried to use a “skiplagging” hack on a booked flight to New York City on American Airlines was hit with a three-year ban by the carrier.

Logan Parsons, 17, was detained recently at the airport in Gainesville, Florida, before boarding a flight to the Big Apple with a stopover in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he actually planned to disembark.

Skiplagging is a cost-cutting method in which a passenger books a flight’s layover as the true destination rather than continuing to the ticketed destination.

“Purchasing a ticket without intending to fly all flights to gain lower fares (hidden city ticketing) is a violation of American Airlines terms and conditions and is outlined in our Conditions of Carriage online,” the company said in a statement.

Go fuck yourself American Airlines. It's a violation to not get on another plane because you have shitty layovers and not direct flights? What if you have an emergency and can't continue to the next destination? What if you don't want to go wherever the next stop is? You don't want people to do this shit? Have more direct flights.

We all hate layovers. They suck. It's a necessary evil (much like the entire airline industry). I don't want to hear this shit that this fucks up the price structure either. American Airlines had revenue of $12.2 BILLION dollars last year. A random kid or someone every once in awhile not going the full trip they bought a ticket for does nothing to their bottom line. 

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They've made traveling on planes so awful. I can't think of any industry that is worse to its customers than the airlines? Maybe cable companies? They will delay flights or even cancel them without giving a fuck. Marty Mush, for all of his idiocy, had a great idea last week.

Imagine if an airline was just nice to us? Just be decent. Give us legroom. Only cancel flights when absolutely necessary. Pay your staff so it's not a reason to delay/cancel flights. These aren't wild requests. If someone is willing to put in a little work to see it's cheaper to get off during a transfer, let them. It'll make the 2nd leg of the flight a little nicer for the people on it if less people are on board. You've heard of victimless crimes, not only is this victimless; it's a public service!

United Airlines tried pulling the same shit on someone in 2015 and even tried suing them for skiplagging. They claimed that a young man who started a website showcasing these options was acting with "deceptive behavior". Just another reminder that the airlines are the absolute worst.