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Raise The Banner: Texas A&M's DL Wants Everyone To Know They Would Have Been 10-2 Last Year ... If They, You Know, Didn't Lose 5 Other Games

Fuck it, raise the banner. Might as well name Texas A&M SEC West champs if you take away only one possession losses. Who cares if they were 5-7? Who cares if 2 of the 5 wins were by one possession? Those are just semantics when trying to spinzone for your team. 

This might be the most Texas A&M thing too. Listen, we know they tend to have a decent team. We know that Jimbo recruits his ass off there. We know they've had success, but they also don't live up to the hype. They are always listed as a potential playoff team. Yet, here we are. 5-7. What's the old saying? Oh yeah, you are what your record says you are. Hey, at least Jimbo is clear about who is calling plays this year: 

This is why I love college football though. You get a quote like this and every single fan of any other team is clowning this guy in mentions and quote tweets. This will be talked about on message boards all year. It's truly an insane sport that we all love for reasons like this. You have a kid out there talking about how they'd be 10-2 if they didn't lose 5 games. Raise the banner, don't even bother showing up this year.