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Draymond Green Called Knicks Fans Delusional And As Much As I Hate To Admit It, He's Right

Listen, I wish I could scream from the rooftops how wrong Draymond Green is and how successful of a franchise The New York Knicks are but I think we would both know I would be lying. Don't get me wrong, The New York Knicks have maybe the best fanbase in the NBA, and likely top tier in all of sports. They have more often than not been terrible yet the Garden fills out night after night and people live and breathe with every made or missed jumper. It's what makes us great. 

On the other hand, Draymond is so true that we are absolutely lost when it comes to reality. (He's also right about us being miserable but let's just tackle the first one). Every year Knicks fans think this is the year it turns around, now don't get me wrong we have a really good core right now and some assets of picks down the road so the going is good, but these same people were sold on Eddy Curry and Steph Marbury being the answer way back when. We thought Landry Fields was Steph Curry. Two weeks of Linsanity? People still glorify that. 

Just look at how The Knicks making the 2nd round last year was a top moment in the last 20 years.

We haven't really competed for a title since Clinton was in office. We haven't been to the Finals since Woodstock 99. We have gone through coaches like Kim K goes through boyfriends, and we constantly miss out on major free agents yet fans are relentlessly saying we are going to get them. I was convinced The Knicks were getting Lebron in 2010, and I know everyone else did too. It doesn't just stop with Lebron, maybe that's the part that stands out the most. The Photoshop crew ... 

For those unfamiliar, summer after summer , winter after winter, year after. year ... out come the photoshops that The Knicks are going to land a big name. 

It's relentless. I almost respect it at this point we are so committed to really think we will land these guys (spoiler we never do) that the minute even a murmur of interest from a free agent the fans are out photoshopping the guy into the orange and blue. It's like equating a girl talking to you as you will get married, It's so far ahead of yourself it's crazy yet here we are photoshopping away and thinking we are a contender. 

Delusional as it gets … I wish Draymond wasn't so right.