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We Had Another Banger Of A Fight In Junior Box Lacrosse

Most kids right now are relaxing and enjoying the last few weeks of their summer before heading back to school. Catch a tan, maybe pick up a last minute summer fling, drink some beers in your buddy's basement dreaming about next summer when you're all 21. 

The fellas north of the border? Well these boys have just been getting after it all summer. And now that the Ontario Junior Lacrosse League playoffs are in full swing, the boys are going harder than ever with a chance of winning a Minto Cup on the line. Already this month we saw the Fight of the Summer in an Orangeville vs Kitchener-Waterloo game. 


Just an all-time tilt with a bunch of bombs being launched, and some quality sportsmanship at the end. Everything you love to see out of a lacrosse fight. 

This time we have Orangeville mucking it up again in their playoff series against Six Nations. Trey Deere is heading into his freshman year at Syracuse later this summer. If this fight is any indication, I'd suggest everybody on campus remain on his good side. 

Love to see the fellas just swinging away with reckless abandon. Also love to see a kid as nasty as Trey Deere being able to fight his own battles out there. That Syracuse offense is going to be a bunch of bullies next spring.