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'Fuck You' - TV Legend Coach Rush Propst Gets A New Job In Alabama, Promptly Gets Into An Argument With A Rival Coach During 7-on-7s

[Source] - Rush Propst is back in Alabama coaching the Pell City football team and on Thursday he was in Hoover for his team’s first taste of organized competition.

Pell City’s biggest rival is Oxford, and, coincidentally, they were matched in the 7-on-7 tournament. It was win or go home and Pell City wasn’t ready. Oxford won 30-2. Getmanshchuk threw a couple interceptions early and things spiraled from there. Pell City had the ball with time for one more play, and Oxford’s sideline decided to use that moment to taunt their rivals.

“Mercy rule,” shouted the Oxford players.

“Make their asses quit,” shouted one of Oxford’s coaches.

There was nothing casual or friendly about the moment. It was just 7-on-7, but Oxford wanted to make a point. Rush who? For Propst, the outburst from Oxford’s coach was too much for him to handle. Propst took a few sudden paces onto the field. He was angry.

“Hey!” Propst screamed. “F--- you!”

You thought Coach Rush Propst would walk into a new job and start a fight right away? Yeah, this is what Coach Rush Propst does. He's a TV legend. He's an Alabama legend. He's ready to welcome Jeremy Pruitt back on home to his staff. Still such a hilarious part of Two-A-Days is that guy ended up an SEC coach. Say what you want, but the dude is a reality TV legend. Look at his resume: 

- He had a legit other family while at Hoover. They knew about the first family, didn't matter. 

- Headbutted his own players while they wore the helmet

- Delivered speeches that you can't rival

- Illegal recruiting claims

- Getting a Netflix show - actually really good, watch Titletown High. 

Now he's back in Alabama at Pell City and getting into fights at 7-on-7s. You don't just insult Rush Propst and get away with it. You don't run the score up on him. You don't say mercy rule. Be ready Oxford. That's all I gotta say. This is your warning because Rush Propst is coming for that ass and he'll do anything possible for revenge. 

This is why we need reality TV and specifically a camera following Propst's team every year. I'm going to watch. You're going to watch. Put it on MTV, we need a break from Ridiculousness and Teen Mom. Propst would do all-access, dude loves to get his team out there. It's how you get guys to play for you. 

Make the Alabama state trophy named after Rush Propst. He is high school football.