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Former NFL Tackle, Russell Okung, Is A Skinny Queen. He's Down To 170lbs After Playing At 320lbs With This Secret

God DAMN Russell! It is not uncommon for NFL linemen to drop weight after they stop playing. They say that the skinny football guys get fat and the fat guys get skinny, typically. Our own Taylor Lewan looks more like an NBA body these days as an example. Losing 150 POUNDS is absurd though. He's lost basically a full human being of weight. 

His secret? Just...not eating. Amazing!

“long term water-only fasting is one of the best and hardest things I’ve ever done.”

Who would've thought. We've heard about all the fads. Paleo, carnivor, atkins. People are always trying cut carbs and sugar in an attempt to lose weight when the answer was right there the whole time. The thing you need to cut in order to drop the LBs is food. Just don't eat food. Feeling famished? Fuck you, drink water. Feeling hangry? Here's a gallon of water. If you just stop eating you'll transform your body in no time. Next time you're out to eat at a fancy Italian restaurant and your friends are reaching for that warm bread, slurping down spaghetti and guzzling wine....just tell the waiter to keep the ice waters coming. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels (so I've been told). Russell dropped 100lbs in April and he owes it all to H2O. If he gets hungry he just chews ice. If you want to be skinny you just need to stop eating. It's that simple.