We Finally Have The Much Anticipated "Country" Version Post Malone, On His New Song of Noah Kahan's "Dial Drunk". And It's Flames

So Noah tweeted this out on Friday. My crack team at Barstool Backstage caught it and sent on our group thread and I honestly couldn't tell from the sample if it was one of those AI generated tracks, a cover, or what to make of it.

But that's my fault for forgetting how fucking cool Post Malone is. 

You see Noah Kahan has been worshipping at the altar of Post since his "White Iverson" days. Releasing some covers on youtube that did numbers bigger than Portnoy pizza reviews.


It's not that crazy that Post Malone (or his team) saw Noah going viral on tiktok and being called "Folk Malone", and reaching out to him. Post is notorious for being one of the friendliest musicians in the game. He and Billy Strings are best buds for this precise reason.

Post is also known for releasing his covers of some of his favorite songs for his fans to indulge themselves on like the good guy he is.

So when I heard the sample I didn't know what to think. But I got excited at the possibility of it being the real deal.

There's long been whispers now of Malone having his heart set on wanting to record a full country album with his red dirt and folk buddies. He's got the vocal chops for it.

And he's got the respect of all the country hardos who hate on everybody they deem "fake country, and fake country fans (aka country pop)" yet they simultaneously hate anybody for liking any other genre of music that's not country. 


So he's the guy who could successfully pull off the reverse Chris Gaines

(never forget)

But back to "Drunk Dial". 

If you don't enjoy how this song sounds, then I don't know what to tell you. 

I'm not one to exaggerate or get over-excited when it comes to music, and everybody will agree my taste, and style is impetuous , si you can take this to the fucking bank. This song is flames.

From the great instrumental from the original tune of Kahan's, complete with the soft, harmonic notes of the banjo, (sounds very "Mumford-ish"). All the way to the new, additional double-timed verse from Post.

It's a song about “being young, drunk, and alone” (as Kahan sings). And about making mistakes for someone you love, and not having the same done for you. 

Malone's verse is solid

“Drinks pourin’ couldn’t stop it/Turn another slow dance into a mosh pit/Tuck my head then I heard the lock and/Told him that my first car was a Crown Vic,

Talking ’bout last time I was in the back of a cop car I fell in love/My face on the cold window try to sober back up and loosen my cuffs.”

The hook is better- 

“I ain’t proud of all the punches that I’ve thrown/ In the name of someone I no longer know,

For the shame of being young, drunk, and alone/ Traffic lights and a transmitter radio.”

Just a great, foot tapper, knee slapper of a song.


The response has been huge already.