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Amazon Is Paying A World Record FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS To The Rock To Star In A Christmas Movie

The plot is still under wraps, but here is an interesting section of the wiki.

Let me make a very bold prediction: This is not going to be a successful franchise. This looks like a horrible example of smashing some incompatible stars together and hoping that people show up to watch. On the back end, this movie is directed by Jake Kasdan, son of the legendary Lawrence Kasdan. Jake wrote and directed Walk Hard among other movies. It's written by Chris Morgan who has some good credits (Fast 7) and some real bad ones (The Mummy(Tom Cruise one)). 

Anyway, this is all besides the point. FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS! UPFRONT!!!! For a shitty Christmas movie!!!! That's not to mention that there could also be backend incentives that earn him even more. And for what? For him to play a wisecracking tough guy with a soft side? I hate to be a pocket watcher but it's like watching 1-dimensional player get the biggest salary in the league. It's also not helping seeing how all the writers and actors outside of the extremely famous 1% are getting paid in spoonfuls of dogshit from the studios…..