Baseball Tough: Jeff Passan Broke His Back After A Tree Limb Fell On Him, Wants His Sources To Know His Twitter Fingers Still Work


First things first, good to hear Jeff Passan is in good spirits and hopefully it's a quick recovery. That's terrifying as shit. I don't know if it's just being a suburbs guy now or not but every time it storms, I look out at the trees. Gotta keep an eye on them for this exact fear. 

But, I love that Passan shoots out his warning. Oh you think you're going to break trade deadline information before him? Good luck, pal. He's still got his Twitter fingers and they work just fine. His phone is still working and that means he'll be firing off tweets left and right. Can't wait to see him break Ohtani to the Orioles. Just need it to happen. I've suffered long enough as an O's fan in my life. Fucking Jeffrey Maier man. 

He does give the warning that he'll be tweeting on PED's. That could lead to a lot of questions. If there's one trade that doesn't make sense, I'll automatically chalk it up to Passan being loopy. Anyone who has battled through pain or an injury knows what that's like. You could probably convince him that Ubaldo Jiminez is still in the league and on the move. Then again, it's Passan. The dude is robotic when it comes to baseball news, so even loopy, he'll bat 100% on his tweets. 

Get well, Jeff. We need you during the trade deadline. And good luck to those who dare throw him a pitch when he gets his new bat made out of that tree. Homers only.