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Chad Kelly Won't Stop Balling North of The Border

Daniel Lea. Shutterstock Images.

Have you guys checked out what Chad Kelly has been doing north of the border? The dude is straight-up balling. Through 6 weeks, Chad Kelly leads in completion percentage and QBR, as well as rushing TDs for a quarterback. The Ole Miss legend has not stopped Swagging on everyone and the statistics show it and the highlights really show it. 

I mean these statlines are insane. 

I mean week in and out I am just seeing the Argos post awesome Kelly highlights. Check out this dime to a one-hand catch from Saturday.

New angle.

Insane right? Well there is way more. 

This is my absolute favorite from this season. This is an NFL escape.

I mean rolling right and tossing across the field to the other side of the field is insane arm strength many dudes in the league right now don’t even have. 

I am a crazy believer in Chad Kelly and this Mr. Irrelevant is way goddamn better than Brock Purdy. 

He almost runs the sneak better than Jalen Hurts. 

Look Swag is still balling and his song rings true.