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This French Ad For The Women's World Cup Is One Of The Best Pieces Of Marketing You'll See

I wasn't really sure where this video was going at first, but thank god I watched it all the way through. Pretty high effort, high impact stuff here from the marketing team behind Orange in France. I got a little confused at Griezmann beating someone, because that hasn't happened in years, but besides that I was completely fooled. Mbappe was a little too caked up too but that's neither here nor there. One of the better marketing pieces I've ever seen for a sporting event, and it's also pretty insane how real it looks and how far video editing has come. 

Anyone who loves footy or sport in general should watch the World Cup starting on Thursday. The US women's team is favored at +225 to win their third consecutive world title. Just pure domination since 2015 and their roster is stacked this time too. The French team is also pretty good and England, Spain, and Germany all have a chance to pull off the upset. I'm rooting for my native Spain but we're in for a great tournament and shoutout again to Orange for the viral ad that is surely gonna get some extra eyes on the tournament. Vamos.