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I Loved How Absolutely Ridiculous Reds Prospect Christian Encarnacion-Strand's Jersey Was Going To Look And Now I'm So Upset He Changed It

Tough weekend for my Reds and my 17-1 future. Swept by The Brewers and now trail by 2 games in the division. The Reds need a spark and they need it fast as the dog days of summer are here and the schedule gets very tough down the stretch. That spark is about to arrive in the form of Christian Encarnacion-Strand. 

For those unfamiliar .. the guy is a beast. Power hitting machine. 


I was on the guy for a while . 

And tonight was supposed to be the night of his debut. With a name that obscure and long, social media had a little fun whern the graphic of his jersey was shown. 

I mean it looks like a full blown rainbow. Absolutely insane visual. I loved it. You can't hide from your name, I've always said that. God gave it to you might as well embrace it. Uni Watch wrote that it was going to be the longest current name on a jersey in the MLB. It's preposterous. I couldn't help but laugh at the thought of kids loving CES (his nickname) once he starts taking off and them selling jerseys like this on a kid 3 feet tall and how ridiculous it would look. I was all on in his look. 

Then just as quickly as it was there, it disappeared. 


What the hell is this ? I know it's what he wore in the minors but come on ! We now lose out on the visual ? BULL SHIT. I don't know what led to this decision but I for one and upset. However, I can't be that upset because I need the guy to hit bombs down the stretch so I guess whatever makes him play the best, but it would have been so much cooler to leave the full name in a ridiculous fashion.