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Disney Spending A Combined $437 MILLION On 'She-Hulk' & 'Secret Invasion' Is Criminal

Marvel has obviously been in rough patch post-Endgame. It was always going to be an uphill battle since that movie was the climax of a decade-long journey but it has been tough-sledding even independent of that sentiment. Part of the issue is how flooded the market is with content. The Disney MO seemed to shift from quality to quantity, and it really showed. Especially in their series. So let's talk about these two a little. 


Without a doubt, this show was always going to require a lot of CGI. You need to have as much of the actual She-Hulk, which has to be a CGI creation, as you do her human alter ego.That volume of CGI was always gonna require a lot of money, so it was a given going into production that it would be expensive. Here is what the big question: Why did that get greenlit? Why sign off on a $200+ million dollar goofy sitcom for a streaming platform? That is nearly 2.5x the budget of the last season of Game of Thrones! What are the possible returns for this series that features a character that people aren't exactly rioting at the gates for? 


Unlike She-Hulk, this is NOT a show that clearly requires a ton of money to make. It's an espionage thriller that doesn't feature any superheroes. So, theoretically, this should be one of the LEAST expensive projects in the MCU. Instead, there are $212 million dollars being flushed down the train for what is, at best, a solid series. 

The movie budgets are whatever. They're always going to have to spend big on those. But this streaming model is NOT sustainable and, honestly has me wondering where all this money went. What producers are getting rich siphoning money out of these budgets? 

Reminder, whenever you hear about the strikes going on, think of these salaries.