Wimbledon Champion Carlos Alcaraz Still Lives With His Parents In A $190,000 Apartment Above a Kebab Shop

Tim Clayton - Corbis. Getty Images.

Carlos Alcaraz has the world in the palm of his hands after winning Wimbledon. He launched himself into super stardom after taking down Novak Djokovic on Centre Court this past Sunday. Before he was a top player in the sport, but now I feel like he's inched closer to being a household name for even those who don't really follow tennis. My Twitter timeline was filled with people talking about Carlos who have never cared for the sport before. That's how big a win Sunday was for him. The fame was always going to find him with how much talent he has, but this soon, like this? Crazy. 

So, what's life for Carlos off the court? With sponsors like Nike, Rolex, Calvin Klein, BMW, and Louis Vuitton you gotta imagine he's doing pretty well for himself. While that's definitely true, especially after raking in $2.7M from the Wimbledon title, it turns out Carlos still lives with his parents in an apartment above a Kebab shop in Spain. This is basically what Glenny Balls has been doing for years except he just lives in a normal house with his family. The money pretty much matches up though. 


(Daily Mail) Brand and culture expert Nick Ede told MailOnline today that the Spaniard, who still lives with his parents in a £170,000 flat above a kebab shop in southern Spain, will 'easily' make £30million this year as the sponsors roll in. PR guru Mark Borkowski says that tennis' global appeal to both men and women means 'we are witnessing the new hero for Gen Z'.

This link below doesn't show anything, but it's the only Twitter link with a pic of the apartment

Talk about some incredible publicity for Turquesa Kebab & Pizza. I'd rebrand the whole thing around Carlos and say your $4 meals are the key to transforming this man into a God. 

While it's hilarious to picture Carlos Alcaraz still living with his parents in that apartment, it kinda makes sense. I mean let's remember this guy is still only 20 years old. He's TWENTY!!! When I was 20 I was living off-campus in Syracuse with seven of my friends as we alternated ordering Dominos, chinese food, or Chipotle for dinner every night. We'd routinely end each day getting high and watching Nathan For You and Eastbound & Down. Complete, worthless piece of shits. This dude is out here beating Novak Djokovic on Centre Court and dominating an entire sport. Why change anything up when you don't have to? I brought this up to Feits and he mentioned how Sidney Crosby lived with Mario Lemieux for a while to begin his career. At some point it becomes weird, but at 20 there's no rush to do your own thing. Maybe upgrade the apartment though? I'm sure the kebabs are great, but there's enough in the budget for better than a $200,000 apartment.

One issue with having immense fame and money like this at a young age and living with your parents is your social life. When I lived at home after college in New Jersey this wasn't an obstacle. There were zero girls who had any interest in visiting my house and most of my friends were in the city. If I was going to do anything fun I was making the trek into the city. Carlos though? He's got options. It’s possible he solely cares about tennis and doesn’t care for any distractions. 

The article doesn't say he has a current girlfriend (smart man), but he's apparently been linked to a Spanish singer. 

The handsome star is understood to be single. His last known girlfriend was Maria Gonzalez, who trains at the same tennis club in Murcia, but it is thought the pair split around two years ago. He was also romantically linked to glamorous Spanish singer Ana Mena.

She's seems nice.



Turns out it's good to be a superstar tennis player. Who woulda thought? 

Play the field Carlos and enjoy all the spoils that come with this life, but don't get tied down too quick. Just don't turn into Chaz from Wedding Crashers where you're banging girls from funerals in your mom's house when you're 40. 

As long as he stays healthy he'll have the tennis world in the palm of his hand. On top of his immense talent, composure, and mental ability, he really seems to be a nice kid. 

It's Carlos Alcaraz's world, we're all just living in it.