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Miranda Lambert Fans Left Mid Concert Because She Shamed Them For Taking Selfies During Her Show

Yahoo- Miranda Lambert inadvertently waded into the ongoing discourse surrounding live performance etiquette when she halted a recent concert to reprimand a group of audience members for taking selfies. Video footage taken at Lambert’s Las Vegas residency concert Saturday and shared on TikTok shows the country singer-songwriter beginning a rendition of her 2017 hit, “Tin Man,” before instructing her band to stop playing after she notices the group.

Vegas resident Adela Barnes, who was one of five women in the group singled out by Lambert, told HuffPost that she felt like she “was back at school where a teacher calls me out and tells me to sit down because I did something bad.” She estimated that the whole ordeal lasted about 20 seconds and noted that she didn’t think she and her friends were being distracting while taking the photo. Immediately following the incident, Barnes said she and one of the four friends decided to stay behind and try to enjoy the rest of the concert. 

However, she no longer considers herself a fan of Lambert. “It would kind of be awkward to go to another concert of hers,” she said, adding that she paid a few thousand dollars for her seat in the VIP section of Planet Hollywood’s Bakkt Theater.

I don't like either parties here but if I had to pick a side here I am going with the fans. Musicians have to realize that half the people at concerts only got to the concerts to post it on their Instagram Story. That's the sad truth and performers shouldn't give a shit since they already paid for a ticket. I actually respect the fans for leaving after Miranda called them out.

I think about it almost like an airplane. If you pay for a seat, you can do whatever you want with it to an extent. There are still rules that apply to being a human being with common courtesy. These people paid for a ticket and personally I don't understand the point of recording every song and putting it on your story. You can post one, maybe two songs on your IG Story. But it gets absurd when you put the entire concert on your feed. 

I don't understand why she honed in on this one group when there were thousands of people watching her. Who gives a shit what a couple of people are doing if they aren't bothering you? When she said "We're here to listen to some country music", you can tell she was actually mad about it. I also would be in the crowd cheering for her when she said that being like "Fuck them"! But in reality, nobody should care if a bunch of friends are taking selfies on their night out. Considering every day we hear about another musician who had stuff thrown at them, you might as well not yell at the ones that are just taking pictures and having fun.