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All The Clips And Quotes From Messi's Wild Inter Miami Introduction Proves How Much He'll Change The MLS Forever


We know Messi was introduced to Inter Miami last night. It showed just how fucking insane it's going to be with him in the MLS. People are going to show up to matches. People are going to spend a ton of money whenever he's in town and there will be a ton of eyes on Inter Miami. Say what you want about MLS or soccer in America, but it's true. 

It was also a true welcome to America moment for Messi. He got to experience a rain delay. He got to see fans lose their shit because of it: 

It's fitting that Beckham is the owner here after what he did with the Galaxy back in the day. Also hilarious to see him keep his composure after nearly eating shit on the wet surface: 

Now to be fair, the MLS is in a much better spot now than it was when Beckham came over. It's a better league. There is more talent. It's not just guys coming over to retire and not make it anywhere else. I'm not saying it's an elite league by any stretch, it's just better. 

But even Don Garber knows how important Messi is to this all: 


[Source] - Garber noted that the league had studied the impact on leagues and teams after Messi departed from them. Paris Saint-Germain lost one million followers on Instagram within days of Messi’s last game with the Ligue 1 side, for example.

Garber noted that MLS doesn’t feel dependent on any one player for the long-term growth of the league, but he acknowledged the importance of seizing the opportunity of the next two and a half years when Messi’s many followers are tuned in.

Good plan! Here's a little tip. Make sure you guys tweet out the right guy when talking about Messi's new teammate and legend himself in Sergio Busquets: 

Can't have you tweeting out a picture of another Spanish player. Simple things like that help. 

I know people are sick of hearing the MLS will change. But the fact is we've never had a Messi here. Beckham, Kaka, Henry all massive names came over even later in their careers than Messi. He has the entire force of social media behind him which matters. He has the name obviously. He's the one that can draw eyeballs into the league, especially considering his deal includes a cut with Apple. There's never been a better time for Messi to come over. When you look at the big events American soccer has coming - Copa America/World Cup - it matters to get people talking about soccer even more. He'll basically do everything Ronaldo can't do in Saudi Arabia. 

So welcome to America, Messi. Keep hitting up Publix and driving like a madman: