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If You're A Fan Of A Bunch Of Beauties Taking Their Shirts Off And Blasting Bare Chest, Then You Need To Get Yourself To A PLL Game

They say that sex sells. And if that's the case, then week 5 of the PLL in Fairfield this past weekend was pretty much Prime Day. 

Tarps off. Tits out for the boys. That's what the PLL is all about. 

Professional lacrosse games are one of the few times when it is acceptable to be shirtless in a public forum. ESPECIALLY when your boy is playing in the game and puts up his first career hat trick. So for the pals of Brian Minicus watching as he got a chance to play a game back in his home state of Connecticut for the first time this past weekend? Well he gave them plenty of reasons to be fired up and pop those tops off. 

And fortunately for everybody else in attendance, Ryan Smith is from Canada so I don't think he had a ton of friends making it out to the game. Because I can only imagine how much of their clothing they'd be taking off after he scored this ridiculous behind-the-back goal from deeeeep. 

BTB stick side high from 10? That's as spicy as they come. 

Here are a few more highlights from the weekend. 

The Waterdogs received their championship rings. Billy was able to step up and fill in for the ownership group during the ceremony. As of now, I haven't even seen the rings end up on SidelineSwap or any secondary market. 

Also, the Dawgs were able to lock up another win to be the first team to 4 wins so far this season. 


The Archers quickly followed them with their 4th win later that night after shit pumping the Redwoods. They held them to 3 goals in the entire game, and didn't give up a single goal in the 2nd half. 

What was the key to their success on the defensive side of the field? Ice cream for everybody. 

CNN can shove that anti-ice cream report straight up their ass. Although, to be fair, the report said that Americans don't love ice cream anymore, and Brett Dobson is Canadian. Either way, the boys are crushing some ice cream and sitting in 1st first at the all star break. 

Also, the Cannons are a wagon. 

So when the league eventually shifts back to teams being geographically based, New England might have another dynasty on their hands. Sure wouldn't hate to see the league put a team in Fairfield full-time.