It's That Time Of The Year Again Where The Lottery Has Reached About A BILLION Dollars

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AP - The Powerball jackpot skyrocketed to $900 million after nobody picked all six winning numbers Saturday - making it the third-biggest prize in the game's history. After no grand prizes for 37 drawings, the record-setting jackpot could be claimed as soon as Wednesday - at the lotto's next scheduled drawing. The sum already swelled to $875million - still its third-largest ever - this past week. That said, players who defy the odds and pick all five numbers plus the elusive Powerball - a one in 292.2 million occurrence - might be surprised to know the sum they can actually take home is well less than the number specified above. While awarded immediately, players can expect heir winnings cut by roughly 30 percent if they need the cash now - meaning the $900million jackpot would actually only secure them some $465.1 million. 


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Well it's that time of year again when the lottery jackpot for some reason reaches about a BILLION dollars for one single person/ticket to win. Because, as we all know, it's the American Dream to do absolutely nothing and fall backwards into a level of wealth where can start your own space program. Take it from (old/good school) Homer Simpson. You can't lose. Maybe. 

($130 million was considered super mega wealth in the 90's??? Thanks for the inflation, Biden/Obama.) 

The Powerball sits at about $900 milly for now, which means you'd get almost $500 mill in a cash payout. That's almost a half a billion clams of straight cash homie. Not too shabby. 1 in 292 million are the odds. For reference, death by vending machine is only 1 in 112 mill. I didn't even know those kind of snack related mishaps occurred in real life. Generally speaking, if you spend more than you can afford by yourself* on something this mathematically impossible I'll kindly ask you to step into my sky mansion filled with unicorns, for I have a bridge I want to sell you. 

*Group plays, like through work, are the fun way to go. Get 20 people to drop $5, increase the odds, WIN millions then bask in making fun of the suicidal sap in the office who didn't want to play that specific week. 

So good luck out there, folks. You may not legally be able to place a sports bet or play poker in this land of the free and home of the brave due to strict gambling laws state by state, but the lottery? Sure, why not! Totally not hypocritical whatsoever! America, Fuck yeah!