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Chaos At The Tour de France Because Some Idiot Was Trying To Take A Picture Of The Race, Caused A Massive Crash Instead

We talk all the time about how we gotta put our phones away at sporting events. You're not going back and looking at videos you took. There are a million other ways to rewatch a game or a moment with better quality than your zoomed in iPhone video. But this? This is exactly why. You can't be out here creating a massive crash at the Tour de France because you want to snap a picture. No one cares that you're there, I promise. Your parents probably even just give you a thumbs up on the text that you send. That's the way you know they don't really care, but they feel the need to acknowledge you texted them. 

[Source] - A fan snap a picture clipped American Sepp Kuss causing him to crash during the 15th stage of the famed cycling race on Sunday.

Kuss immediately went down after the spectator’s arm hit his handlebars and that caused a number of riders behind him to crash as well, with even more being delayed because of the incident. 

Kuss and the others were not hurt and the race continued on.

This is one of those times that we need to institute the rule always talked about. You're allowed to fight a fan one time, no punishment. If I crash because your dumbass is trying to snap a picture, there should be a couple punches thrown. I guess the good news is the fan was charged: 

The woman who caused the crash eventually turned herself in to French authorities and was convicted in court of reckless endangerment and involuntarily causing injuries.

Imagine having that on your rap sheet. Oh yeah I have a criminal record for causing injuries at the Tour de France. Sounds like you're tough as shit until you have to tell people you were taking a picture. Can't even get a free beer after that story. I don't know what it is at the Tour de France, but there always seems to be some sort of bizarre crash: 

There's one of two ways the Tour de France needs to be going forward. Either make it full contact. Spectators can get involved once to help their guys out or you can knock another rider off his bike. That or actually get people to push spectators back. I'd be so pissed to be knocked out of the race because of a picture. Chaos.