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We Need To Come Together As A Country And Fight This Report Claiming Americans Don't Love Ice Cream Anymore

[Source] - Consumption of regular dairy ice cream, which does not include frozen yogurt, sherbet or non- and low-fat ice creams, has been falling for years, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

In 1986, the average American ate 18 pounds of regular ice cream, according to the USDA. By 2021, the most recent year of the data, that was down a third to just 12 pounds per person.

But like full-fat milk, soda, red meat and other former heroes of the American diet, ice cream has been scrutinized for its impact on health and the environment. After peaking in the 1940s, per capita availability of regular ice cream started to decline in the 1990s and through the 2000s as health-conscious consumers — including a member of the Baskin Robbins family — turned on the sugary, fatty food, or started treating it as an occasional, pricey treat.

Oh what the shit is this? Dropping this on a Sunday is so fucked up too. I don't care if yesterday was 'national ice cream day' you don't drop this sort of fake news on a Sunday. First off, who the hell isn't eating ice cream? Everyone loves ice cream. Shit, I bribed my 4-year old son to go get ice cream last night because 1) I wanted to eat it and 2) he finally ate some asparagus. Do you know what it's like to convince a 4-year old to eat an entire plate of vegetables after swimming? Yeah, point ice cream. 

Ice cream, in any form, is delicious. Want it in a cone? Sure, make it a pretzel cone. Want to go scoops? Absolutely, toss some rainbow sprinkles on there. Want to go ice cream truck, ice cream sandwich, bar, what have you? ALL FUCKING DELICIOUS. No one cares about 'health problems' when it comes to ice cream. That's why we live in America. We just get to eat whatever flavor of ice cream we want. We're getting nuts with some of these flavors and it's still awesome. I'm more of a classic Cookies n Creams, Mint Chocolate Chip, Salted Carmel Pretzel guy, but hey, you can go get whatever you want now. 

Usually when it comes to any of these studies or reports or anything 'news' I just ignore it. It's all pointless anyways. But we've officially gone too far, CNN. You don't write a hit piece on ice cream and get away with it.  This is where everyone needs to come together and prove we won't be shut down. We all need to eat 7 pounds of ice cream to get this country back to where we belong. Fat and happy. 

Everyone, go get ice cream tonight. I don't care where, just go get some. It's time we flip the script on studies and do it ourselves. This isn't a time to argue the best ice cream flavor or ice cream truck pick (chipwich). This is about saving the country from being too stuck up to eat ice cream. United we stand, divided we fall or whatever. That starts with ice cream.