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The Philadelphia Phillies, And Their Rapscallion Fans, Put The Entire Padres Organization In Hell This Weekend

When you're talking about hostile environments to play as an athlete, most times you're just focused on the drunk adult fans. Their foul mouths and wretched breath spewing all sorts of insults and verbal abuse your way. They're loud, they're boisterous, but their only goal is to be a bunch of shit stirrers who can draw a reaction out of opposing players. Any level-headed athlete can sniff out that clownish behavior and simply ignore it. 

But what makes Philly a different animal is the fact that you're getting that same level of unruliness from all the children in attendance. Whether it's Eli Manning being on the receiving end of some snot-nosed Eagles fans flipping him the double bird, or these two whippersnapper Phillies fans full blown bullying Rougned Odor after striking out in the 12th inning. Everything just cuts a little deeper when it's coming from a child. Because you know the disdain they feel towards you is as pure as it comes, rather than being fueled by alcohol and jealous rage from a life filled with disappointment. You could end the entire nature vs nurture debate by showing up to one Philly sports event and realizing kids here are just born with it. 

The combination of ill-mannered children, typical Philly scumbaggery, and the fact that the Padres have been getting their dicks kicked in by this organization ever since the NLCS clearly has this team in hell. You've got pitchers trying to knock themselves out in the dugout so they don't have to go back out there and play anymore. 

Might as well wake up on the bus back to the hotel rather than sit through another game knowing the inevitable result will be another loss to the Phillies. ESPECIALLY during HoagieFest.