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Nightmare Fuel: Plane In A Delay Bursts Out Into A Full Taylor Swift Concert

We've got a country wide pandemic that seems to only be getting worse with delayed flights. It doesn't help that everyday we have a viral video of people fighting, some woman thinking some guy in the back of the plane isn't real, or just overall fuckery that makes the skies a living hell. You'd think in the year of our lord 2023 we'd be able to figure it out, or at least take steps forward rather than backward. And today, a new video dropped of what appears to be a plane full of Swifties on their way back to Denver bursting out into song while dealing with a delay. True nightmare fuel. 

If there's one group of people you don't want to fuck with, it's the Swifties, so I'm going to try and tread carefully in this blog. Number one Swiftie Kelly Keegs might even make sure this doesn't get published. Number two Swiftie Portnoy probably doesn't even read the blog anymore so we should be good on that front. With that said, would I rather open the emergency door and jump the second we got to 20,000 feet than have to listen to whatever this was? Absolutely. Imagine having the hangover from hell and not only do you have to wait for the airline to figure their shit out, but now you're stuck in a flying prison listening to this? There isn't enough Xanax in the world that could get you through that flight. 

Listen, I like Taylor Swift, but some things have to be sacred, and one of those is peace and quiet when already navigating the bullshit that is domestic air travel. That older fella at the 9 second mark with his head down just trying to get home to his statistically probably failing marriage has to be thinking if any of this is even worth it. Poor guy. What should the punishment for something like this be? I'm not totally sure, but all I can say is that at least we didn't have to live this but instead can put it into perspective the inevitable next time we have something go wrong on a flight. It can always be worse.