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Dudes Rock: Guy Almost Sets The Beer Mile World Record By Running It In 4:30 While Only Wearing One Shoe

Ken Griffey Jr. Bo Jackson. This guy Corey Bellemore of Canada. You may not like it, but this is peak athleticism. I had no idea what a beer mile was until this video but I can't get enough. Apparently you have to drink a beer after every lap for the entire 4 laps and finish it before continuing to the next one. This gent did it in 4 minutes and 30 seconds, two seconds away from a world record and he did it on ONE shoe. Pure electricity. Imagine if we had our own beer mile league at Barstool? Not that anyone would even come close to beating this guys time, but tell me Dana vs Will Compton in a beer mile wouldn't be peak content. Make it happen for the next Beer Olympics boys.

"If he had two shoes, what would he be capable of today" was an unreal line by the commentator. I'm convinced this fella Corey could solve any pandemic ever with two working shoes. Just operates off pure heart. What a legend. You asked for more sports on the blog so I gave you the next great one. Until next time.